How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function by Natural Program

How to Pass a Kidney Stone?

How to Pass a Kidney Stone?

Have you been experiencing severe pain on your back and side, right below your ribs? Do you suffer from pain every time you urinate? Is your urine pink, brown or red in color? Then, you might already be suffering from kidney stones. But what are kidney stones? How do you get them? How do you pass a kidney stone?

Kidney Stones – A Quick Overview

Renal lithiasis or commonly known as kidney stones are the tiny but hard deposit forming within your kidneys. Made of acid and mineral salts, kidney stones usually have a lot of causes and can also have an impact on other parts of your urinary tract, starting from your kidneys up to your bladder. In most cases, these stones form once the urine of a person becomes highly concentrated that then allows the crystallization and sticking together of the minerals inside your kidney.

How to pass a kidney stone can become a bit painful, although these stones do not usually cause any permanent damage. Depending on your particular situation, the only thing that you might need is to take a certain medication as well as drink plenty of water for passing the kidney stone. If worse comes to worst, you can also undergo a kidney stone removal surgery. Your doctor can recommend some preventive treatments for lessening your chances of experiencing kidney stones if you are at risk of developing them all over again in the future.

Oftentimes, kidney stones do not have a single definite cause although there are some factors which can increase your chances of getting one.

These stones usually form once your urine has high content of substances that form crystal, including uric acid, calcium, and oxalate as compared to the fluids which can be diluted by your urine. Simultaneously, your urine might also lack the substances which can keep the crystals from forming and sticking together that can create the perfect environment for the formation of kidney stone.

Kidney Stones and Their Different Types

By being aware of the different types of kidney stones, you will be able to determine their cause while giving you clues on how you can kidney stones protect so as to lessen the chance of getting them again. These types include the following:

·       Cystin stones – Stones like these usually form in people who have hereditary disorder which can make the kidneys excrete an excessive amount of particular amino acids.

·       Calcium Stones – Majority of kidney stones happen to be calcium stones that are in calcium oxalate form. Oxalate is a kind of substance that naturally occurs in food. Certain vegetables and fruits and chocolate and nuts have high levels of oxalate. Also, this can be produced by your liver. Dietary factors, high vitamin D doses, intestinal bypass surgery as well as a few metabolic disorders also increase the calcium oxalate’s concentration in urine. These stones typically occur in calcium phosphate form.

·       Uric acid stones – These stones form in people who fail to drink sufficient amount of fluids or who are losing a lot of fluid, those who suffer from gout and those who follow a diet high in protein content. Some generic factors also increase your chances of developing the uric acid stones.

·       Struvite stones – These form as the body’s response to a certain infection, like the infection in urinary tract. Such stones grow rapidly and can become very large, at time with little warning or several symptoms.

Aside from these, there are also other kidney stone types that can occur.

Passing Kidney Stones – Ways for Effective Kidney Stone Removal

People who have a kidney stone can experience debilitating pain during kidney stones removal. While the process of kidney stone passing through urine might seem like a simple one, this can still inflict severe pain, especially once the stone begins travelling through the ureters’ narrow passages.

Each kidney stone cannot necessarily pass through your urine. Following the analysis of the kidney stones by way of imaging tests, once the stones are discovered as small and it is possible to pass them through urine, your doctor can recommend you to try the following:

·       For successfully passing kidney stones, it is suggested to lessen your kidneys’ load, which means that you have to consume more amounts of water. This will then result to the dissolving of the stones in the excessive water amount, getting them eliminated by way of urine. You need to consume 6 to 8 glasses of water regularly. For you to know if the amount of your water consumption is adequate or not, you can observe your urine’s color. Urine of pale yellowish hue indicates sufficient amount of water consumed.

·       To increase the flow of urine, taking diuretics is being recommended. You can drink 1 or 2 glasses of beer to force out the kidney stones.

·       Most sufferers of kidney stone lessen the extent of their daily activities because of the pain they feel. However, this practice is not advisable. If you like a successful kidney stone remove, moving as much as possible is recommended. But make sure that you do not excessive strain to your body. Regular exercise can make the stones within your kidneys move, thus eliminating them through your urine.

·       You have to lessen your consumption of those foods which can lower or restrict your urine’s flow. A good example of this is the beverages rich in caffeine, like coffee. Such drinks can make your body dehydrated, thus reducing the flow or production of urine. Aside from preventing the existing stones’ flow, these can also encourage the development of brand new stones due to the concentrated urine’s formulation.

·       Kidney stones that have larger sizes can be passed easily through breaking these into several pieces. You can achieve this through eating acidic foods like lemons. Just add several lemon drops in water then drink this. It will help in breaking down the stones, hastening the process of kidney stone remove with lesser pain.

The process of kidney stones removal and passing a kidney stone is easy. However, if you do not want to go through all these, the best thing that you can do is try all the possible ways to kidney stone protect so that you can avoid this particular health condition.



Diet for Kidney Failure

Diet for Kidney Failure

Kidney failure concept.

Kidney failure, also known as renal failure, is a health condition where the kidney’s functions are completely stopped or reduced.  Depending on its level, patients may suffer from chronic or acute kidney failure. If you are diagnosed with kidney disease, your first move is to seek help from any trusted specialist. They can help you in treating the different symptoms of kidney failure and improves your overall health condition.

To treat kidney failure, you should not take any medicine without doctor’s prescription. Some medicines can trigger your condition, making you feel weak. You also need to control your weight and start eating the right foods. To practice the diet for kidney failure, you have to monitor your daily lifestyle and eating habits.  According to experts, one way to treat your condition is to stay hydrated. This can keep your urine diluted and makes your kidney healthier and active. Depending on your choice, you can also drink ginger ale, fruit juices or tea.

Nephrology Disciplines Concept

The best diet for kidney failure is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. These foods can help in improving your kidney function. The typical examples of these fruits are grapes, blueberries, and cranberries. For vegetables, you can eat celery, string beans, onions, fennel, asparagus and spinach. If you want to eat other types of fruits, make sure that your preferred foods have low potassium contents. Experts claimed that high levels of potassium may develop various health problems like stroke and heart attack.

To treat kidney failure, you also need to avoid a high-sodium intake. It is also best to eat a great amount of carbohydrates.  This can help in producing more energy. In addition, fish is another best diet for kidney failure.  It provides high quality protein and contains anti-inflammatory fats. These fats can help in lowering your low-density lipoprotein and bad cholesterol.  As advised, you also need to eat complete proteins like eggs and milks. These foods are perfect for developing your body’s condition. 

Aside from knowing the different foods that you need to eat, you also need to monitor your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol level.  It is also best to take vital signs regularly.  Vital signs like respiratory rate and pulse rate are key points on the kidney failure process.   You also need to take rest to lessen your metabolic rate. Like other patients, you also need to improve your daily activity. Make sure that you refrain from smoking and always practice an effective exercise. 

Nurse Starting Renal Dialysis on Patient

Treating kidney failure takes enough time and proper medication. If you keep on consulting your doctors and following their prescriptions, you can easily get away from this severe disease. In case you are too busy, it doesn’t mean that you will neglect the right food diet for kidney failure. As advised, start making a journal. This journal serves as your guide in monitoring your daily menu and regular activities. Take note that if you are eager to treat your condition, you can overcome it instantly. You just need to follow the right foods, practices and medications for kidney failure.

Natural Kidney Cleanse

Natural Kidney Cleanse

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function

Kidney and liver are one of the most significant organs in the body of a person. It helps the body filter all toxins that come from the food you take and all liquids entering your body. Kidneys are a duo of beam-shaped organ that is responsible for filtering and eliminating waste from your body. Every day, your kidneys process about two hundred quarts of blood to help eliminate about 2 quarts of excess waste products and water.

Kidneys additionally release 3 essential body hormones: Erythropoietin which encourages the actual bone fragment marrow to create red blood cells, Renin which adjusts bloodstream pressure and Calcitriol, the energetic type of Vitamin D that assists to maintain calcium with regard to bone fragments and regular chemical substance stability within the body.

What Is Natural Kidney Cleanse?

The kidney is really self cleansing if you consume sufficient liquids which could be in the form of meals you eat such as vegetables and fruit aside from drinking water along with other fluids. Usually promoted under the term “Kidney Cleanse” or even “natural kidney cleanse”, numerous items (or specific kidney cleanse diet) declare to detoxify kidneys to be able to promote healthy kidney performance and stop kidney stones. Kidney cleanses will also be proposed to keep blood pressure stress under control, enhance the urinary system as well as bladder, increase defenses as well as get rid of obvious toxins in the system.

Advantages of a Natural Kidney Cleanse

Even though the single components of the natural kidney cleanse (such as particular herbal treatments, meals or even nutrients) might provide numerous many benefits, there is no medical proof to support their own use within cleaning the kidneys or even stopping kidney stones. In the event that you have in mind getting organic or natural methods to improve your own kidney wellness, think about talking to an expert doctor. This can help you determine the best way for you to take part in making your kidney perform better.

Kidney Cleanse Recipe

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function

Kidney cleanses differ in approach. While natural kidney-cleanse advocates claim that these types of methods boost the kidneys’ capability to get rid of waste materials in the entire body, their own statements aren’t supported by medical information. Here is a glance at probably the most typical kind of natural kidney cleanses:

                1. Herbal Treatments

A few natural kidneys cleanses provide herbal treatments such as:

  •         Marshmallow Root
  •         Dandelion
  •         Juniper
  •         Parsley
  •         Nettles
  •         Red  clover
  •         Goldenrod
  •         Ginger


              2. Foods

Additional natural kidney cleanses highlight particular foods such as:

  •         Lemon Juice
  •         Watermelon
  •         Cranberry liquid
  •         Pumpkin seed products


              3. Nutritional vitamins

A few advocates suggest integrating these minerals and vitamins right into a kidney cleanse:

  •         Vitamin B6
  •         Vitamin B2
  •         Magnesium

Oftentimes, the kidney cleanse at home using natural kidney cleanse methods may incorporate herbal treatments, nutritional vitamins as well as mineral deposits right into a whole-foods-based kidney cleanse diet plan. This kidney cleanse recipe is essential and beneficial in preventing kidney failures in the future and makes use of your kidney correctly. These methods and recipes can be done at the comfort of your home anytime you want.

Caring For Your Kidneys

Listed here are a number of science-supported ways of taking care of your own kidneys as well as how to lower dangers associated with a kidney illness:

      Avoid cigarette smoking and the extreme use of alcoholic beverages and coffee.

           Maintain regular blood pressure and your sugar levels.

          Keep the cholesterol under control.

          √ Drink lots of water (at least 8 glasses daily).

                     Keep a good weight.

Kidney Stones

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function

The kidney stone is really a hard bulk which forms through crystals which have divided from the urine inside the urinary system. Generally, kidney stones are created because the calcium oxalate inside the urine has been crystallized.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Generally designated through severe discomfort in the area of the kidneys or even within the lower belly, kidney stones could also trigger trouble urinating, blood within the urine, nausea or vomiting as well as fever.

Stopping All of Them

Even though there is no proof that the kidney flush might help avoid kidney stones, you may lower your danger of suffering it through drinking plenty of water and reducing taking salt. Individuals with a brief history associated with kidney stones should also avoid meals full of oxalate such as dark chocolate, okra, sesame seed products, sweet potatoes, greens, nut products as well as spinach.

There are some proofs recommending how the plant Phyllanthus might help prevent the development of kidney stones. In spite of contrast statements, investigation implies that higher consumption of calcium might reduce the danger associated with kidney stones. However, getting calcium through taking a supplement might increase the danger of getting the disease.

Kidney Disease Diet

Kidney Disease Diet

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function

A diagnosis of kidney disease must not be considered as the closing chapter of a person’s life. A person must not lose hope once he discovers that he has an existing kidney disease as there are other possible ways that you can do in order to lessen what you are suffering from. You may want to know the kidney disease diet that will help you reverse the disease. There are lots of people who also suffer from this type of problem, but they are able to live normally because they choose to know and discover the ways on how they can manage their kidney disease. Kidney disease can be managed only if you know how to care for your own health and follow a suitable diet for kidney that will lead to your full recovery from the disease.

A Kidney Diet Is Important In Fighting the Disease

In order to cure kidney disease successfully, it is helpful if you adopt a kidney diet that is suitable for the specific stage of your disease. The primary goal of each diet for kidney is to lessen your intake of those foods that are capable of producing several waste materials which place huge pressure on the affected kidney.

To completely follow a kidney disease diet may not be easy just like other forms of diets. However, it is important to properly do it if you really want to combat your existing condition. You may also want to consult your doctor and a dietician on what type of kidney diet you should follow. This is necessary so that the diet will be effective and will also help you regain the complete functionality of your kidneys.

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function

Kidney Dialysis Treatment Will Require a Kidney Disease Diet

In a diet for kidney disease, it must include the reduction of protein intake. This is important to be considered since huge amounts of protein intake have been recognized to improve the kidney disease symptoms, which will lead to failure of the kidneys. On the other hand, when a person is going through a dialysis, the intake of protein may be slightly increased since the process of dialysis tends to decrease the proteins present in the body.

The amount of potassium within the blood must also be checked since they upsurge during the dialysis process. This only means that those foods containing huge amount of potassium must be minimized in a diet for kidney disease. The kidney diet foods must be properly monitored because it helps the condition to be well-managed. In addition to this, foods containing phosphate must also be controlled. This must be considered since phosphate may lead to itchiness and other skin problems. The liquid consumptions must also be reduced in order for the kidneys to not be overworked. The foods containing liquid included in this list are fruits and soups.

The kidney diet foods must include those foods that don’t contain sodium in order for the blood vessels to not be strained. High levels of sodium may contribute to fluid retention that may generate the increase of levels in blood pressure.

Kidney diet has a modest structure that should be followed, whether you have found the diet online or even on printed materials. This is especially true since the kinds of foods which should be eliminated or included in the list of kidney diet foods are often similar.  A good form of diet has a clearly designed guide that may instantly help the disease to be cured if followed properly even with the tiniest details. The recipes provided in the diet are made easy for you to comprehend well. This is primarily made to allow you prepare those healthy meals while you understand the list of nutrients that will be added into your body.

In case you got the diet for kidney in an online website, then you will have the chance to interact with those people who suffer from the same condition. You may get a chance to chat with them regarding the diet both of you are following. You may also seek support from them. There are available online supports just in case you have some questions regarding the kidney diet. You can surely use them in order to for you to expect a positive outcome after you have done the routine.

Generally speaking, it is vital if you begin with the diet that is capable of combating the phase of the kidney disease you’re suffering from. You must consider this since the dietary necessities will vary depending on the target symptoms you are after. Furthermore, you may also choose to combine the diet for kidney with the dialysis and some other health treatments in order to increase the possibility of curing the disease. You always need to remember the above mentioned information so that you will know the things that you should do in order to treat the disease.

Best Food for Kidneys

Best Food for Kidney

The human body is composed of different vital organs. These organs work together to keep the body functioning well and healthy. Though these organs can naturally take care of it selves, they still need to be well taken care of.  Then again, there are plenty of factors that result to the destruction of these organs. Basically, individuals do know the things that can damage their body organs. Despite this fact, they still cannot avoid those activities that may further worsen the damages.  Just like with kidneys. Too much alcohol and that will totally destroy the kidney from functioning which has a big possibility that will lead to death.

Once your kidney has been damaged, the functioning of your other body organs will be affected. This is because all body organs will not be able to function if one of them is not functioning well or has already been damaged. There are also cases wherein the person only has one kidney because it has to be removed otherwise the other kidney will be further affected. It is possible that a person can still live with just one kidney, but in cases like that, the more the person has to avoid doing things that can result to damaging the only kidney that that person has. In which case, an individual must always be taking care of their kidney. One way to do that is to take healthy foods.

Best Food for Kidneys

Food for Kidney

Here are some of the lists of food for kidney health and food for kidney disease that you can eat for you to avoid further damaging your kidney.

·        Water: Water is not food, but basically, this is the most important substance that every individual has to take in order to function well. Water is considered as the perfect “food” for kidney health, and in maintaining it. In order for your kidney to function in the best state, you must drink 6 to 10 glass of water every day.

·        Red Bell Peppers: This is another food for kidney disease because red bell peppers are a major source of fiber, vitamin A, C and B6, and folic acid that are highly needed by the kidney. It is also rich in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that can protect the person from having cancer.

·        Cabbage: This vegetable is another food for kidney health because it fully packed with the chemical compound that can be found in fruits and vegetables called phytochemicals which is helpful in breaking up those free radicals even before they create damage. Cabbage is also reach in Sulforapahane which can help to prevent and stop the growth of cancer cells in bladder, breast, colon, ovaries, lungs, and prostate cancer. Like the red pepper, cabbage is also high and a good source of vitamin B6, C and K, fiber and folic acid. It is low in potassium which a kidney patient must avoid taking.

·        Olive Oil: This is another food for kidney disease because olive oil contains an antioxidant substance called Ployphenols. It is also a good source of oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid.

·        Cauliflower: This vegetable is another food for kidney health because it is a good source of Vitamin C, and fiber. It is also an excellent source of compounds like glucosinolates, thiocyanates, indoles that can help in neutralizing toxic substances in the liver that are known to damage the DNA and cell membranes.

·        Garlic: This is another food for kidney disease because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for the kidney. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, thus it is considered as a treatment for those persons that have kidney infections.

·        Onion: This is another food for kidney disease because it is low in potassium and is rich in chromium which is a mineral that assist in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Onion is also rich in quercetin and flavonoids.

Best Food for Kidneys

·        Fish: Though fish is rich in protein, a substance which is considered as harmful for those suffering from kidney disease, there are still fishes that are low in protein. The types of fish that a person with kidney disease should eat are herring, mackerel, salmon, and tuna since they contain omega fatty acids which are beneficial for improving your cardiovascular health. When you are differing from a kidney disease then you would also be prone to cardiovascular disease.

·        Egg Whites: This is another food for kidney disease because, though it is also a protein source, the proteins that can be found with it are packed with amino acids. If you are including egg whites to your diet, you will have enough protein but with less phosphorus.

·        Fruits: As doctors have always said, a healthy diet is always consisting vegetable and fruits. The vegetable are already mentioned so it is now time to mention all the fruits that are a good food for kidney health. These fruits include apples, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and red grapes,

What is a Normal Creatinine Level?

 What is a Normal Creatinine Level?

People are sometimes not aware of what is really creatinine level means. Creatinine is the chemical waste molecule generated from the muscle metabolism. It is produced from the creatine which is a molecule of the major importance for the energy production in the muscles. Almost 2% of the creatine in the body is converted to a creatinine every day. This creation is transported from the bloodstream down to your kidneys. Your kidney filters most of the creatinine, and disposes it in the urine. Because of the muscle mass of your body it has been relatively constant every day, creatinine production remains normally uncharged from day to day. You need to make sure that you have a normal creatinine level every day so you can be sure that you don’t have any kidney failures.

The normal level of the Creatinine in blood is approximately 0.6 up to 1.2 milligrams per deciliter in the adult male while in the adult female it is about 0.5 up to 1.1 milligrams per deciliter. In the metric system, the milligram is the unit of the weight equal to a thousand of gram while the deciliter in the unit of volume that is equal to one-tenth of the liter. Muscular middle age adults or young, sometimes has more creatinine content in their blood more than the normal of the general population. The elderly or old aged may have much lesser creatinine levels in their blood than the normal level.  It only means that as you grow older you have the tendency to lower your creatinine level more than the normal level itself. While during your teenage years or young adolescence you have higher creatinine level more than the normal level.

 The infants have a normal level of creatinine in their blood which is about 0.2 depending on the muscle development of the baby. For the people who are suffering from certain diseases or health condition such as severe weight loss, malnutrition and other long standing illness, the muscle of their body also tends to reduce over the time so the creatinine level also may lower than the expected age. If you only have one kidney then you may have the normal level of creatinine which is 1.8 to 1.9. Once you have increased in this normal level then you know that you have kidney impairment. If your creatinine level exceeds from 10.0 for the adults and 2.0 for the babies then you know what is wrong with you. You then now need to have a dialysis in order toremove the wastes from you blood.

Reasons Why You Have Elevated Blood Creatinine

Having any condition that affects the function of your kidney will surely raise the creatinine level in your blood. This is why it is important that you know if the process that is leading to a kidney dysfunction is recent or longstanding. It is also important that you always know the level of your creatinine so you will know if it is above normal level or below. Most of the common causes of the longstanding kidney disease among the adults are diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure. Taking some drugs can often cause abnormal elevated creatinie level in your blood. The Serum creatinine also transiently increases after the ingestion of the huge amount of diet meat however; the nutrition will sometimes play the role of the creatinine measurement.


Healing kidney is hard but if you can make your creatinine level normal then you can be sure to have a normal life as well. When your creatinine level increases you will have the chance to increase the creatinine level also and this will result in your kidney dysfunction. The kidney maintains the blood creatinine at the normal range and it also been found that it is a reliable indicator for kidney functions. An elevated level of creatinine signifies the impaired function of the kidney or the kidney disease. When your kidney is impaired your creatinine level automatically increases because of the poor clearance of the creatinine by kidneys.

If you have an abnormal level of your creatinine then you will surely get the chance to have a kidney dysfunction. This is where your kidney may start to have a failure in its function. If this happens you need to have a standard blood test routine check-up. Having the check-up routine in your blood will ensure you of your safety and the condition of your creatinine level. You need a more précised measure on your kidney function to be estimated in a calculation. You also need to know the normal level of the creatine in your body. You need to know how this is calculated so that you can also test yourself and know your creatinine level.

You will know that you have the kidney failure if you know the symptoms. A lot of people find it hard to know the severe kidney diseases or elevated creatinine but some people may have an idea of the symptoms. In some research the symptoms may be visible depending on the types of problem or symptoms of the kidney failure. The symptoms may include: feeling dehydrated, fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling, confusion or other nonspecific symptoms. If you want to know the fastest way of healing kidney dysfunction then you need to visit your doctor often to have your creatinine checked.

You need to maintain the normal level of creatinine in your blood so that you can be sure to avoid the kidney diseases. Kidney dysfunction is also a very risky disease because your kidney plays a vital role in your body. If you cannot maintain a normal level of creatinine in your body then your chance of having a kidney condition is bigger than those people who have a normal creatinine level. If you want to be sure you can check the creatinine level review because this will help you know all the important things that you need to know about the creatinine. The creatinine level review will make sure that you are guided well in your tests and you will know what to do in case you have an abnormal level of creatinine.



What is Creatinine Levels?

 What is Creatinine Levels?

If you generally feel unwell, you will surely not bother to check your Creatinine levels first. However, they are a very ideal indicator of the kidneys’ function, which should be checked on a routinely basis most especially if you are suffering from any inexplicable symptoms. But what is creatinine by the way? You will be able to discover the answer to this question in the succeeding paragraphs.

Creatinine is defined as the byproduct of the creatine’s breakdown and is a chief component of muscle tissues. It is produced in the body at a constant rate. Thus, when lab urine tests reveal lower creatinine levels than the normal range, it means that the body is not excreting the right amount of creatinine. This may be a sign of kidney problems or possible kidney failure. As an outcome, the levels of creatinine in the bloodstream escalate.

If you have been diagnosed to have abnormal creatinine levels, your doctor will recommend you to undergo a kidney diet that lessens the strain placed on both the kidneys if tests found out that they are damaged. In case your blood creatinine levels are too high, you might be asked to undergo dialysis, as it helps in filtering waste out of your blood. For years, this has been known as one of the most effective ways on how to lower creatinine levels.  Also, in case of kidney failure, survival without dialysis is impossible, as the blood gets filled with concentrated toxins, which poisons the body. Thus, it only implies that having kidney failure or any disease associated with the urinary system can be very expensive.

Creatinine levels are commonly included with every kidney test, as they are considered by experts as the most reliable and accurate kidney function indicators. Typically, levels of blood creatinine are taken in order to evaluate the kidneys’ damage level with the help of glomerular filtration rate or GFR, which accurately measures the rate at which your kidneys are capable to sift the blood. It also works oppositely with Creatinine levels; thus when the GFR is low, the levels of blood creatinine are high, which indicate damage on the kidneys.

The kidneys are very delicate body organs that play a great role to the body’s normal function. Yes, it is possible to live with just one kidney, it is impossible to live independently if it is not functioning well. Kidneys regulate the amount of water, proteins and salts in the body by emission through the urine. This is the reason why experts encourage individuals to do the things that can improve kidney function.

On the process of waste excretion, creatinine is among the waste products being removed. However, since the levels of creatinine remain constant from a day to the next, modifications in this substance’s amount found in the urine is an accurate indicator of kidney issues that require immediate action. Tests show that adults have between 0.5 to 1.2 milligrams per dl of blood creatine, while people who have only one kidney may rise up to 2.0 milligrams per dl. When this range exceeds 10.0 milligrams per dl, dialysis is unavoidable.

While creatinine levels are accurate indicators of the kidneys’ function, there might be certain reasons as to why levels may vary quickly, and this must be taken into consideration when reviewing the results of tests. Studies show that there is a higher level of Creatinine levels in meat-eaters than in vegetarians. This can also rise rapidly, after eating a meal filled with meat. Therefore, experts advise that meat must be avoided before taking examinations. However, several patients have to undergo a laboratory test right after fasting, so this may not be a big problem. Meat must be strictly avoided though in order to ensure the best kidney health condition. Typically, men have a higher creatinine levels than women because they have higher mass of muscle.  

Because creatinine is formed due to muscle metabolism, it may quickly rise after an exercise session. This is the reason why a heavy exercise must be avoided by people with advanced kidney disease. The good news is that they can still consult their doctor on what type of exercises will best fit to their condition. By doing this, healing kidney will be possible.

If you are currently undergoing a kidney treatment, it is important to adhere to all the recommendations and pieces of advice of the doctor in order to improve your condition. By doing this, you will not just be able to maintain your Creatinine levels in the normal range, but ensure the overall health of your urinary system as well. If you want to speed up the process of healing, always consult your doctor. There are also nutrients and herbs that you can use to protect your kidneys from any form of damage.


How to Lower Creatinine Levels?

How to Lower Creatinine Levels!

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in a muscle and is usually being produced fair and constant by the body but also dependent upon on muscle mass. It is the key component of healthy tissues of the muscles. Creatinine is being formed during muscle metabolism. After formation it is being filtered and removed from the body through the kidneys. Kidneys are major organs that perform important functions. Since creatinine is constantly produced in the body any increase in the level of this substance might be indicating kidney damage.

Creatinine levels are good indicators that tell if an individual is suffering from kidney failure. Creatinine level that is higher than 7.1 normally indicates kidney problems. The normal creatinine level must be lower than 1.4 and must be maintained in order to improve kidney function. But if in some case the creatinine level of an individual reaches above the normal rate, the possibility of healing the kidney through transplant and dialysis is a must.

There are some ways and tips on how to deal with high creatinine levels and kidney problems properly that will truly play significant roles in lowering the levels of creatinine in the body. Although, professional assistance form medical experts is often advised to be considered in order to engage in almost effective and safe ways on how to lower creatinine levels.

Ways on How to Lower Creatinine Levels! 

  • Reducing foods that may have a negative impact on the body specifically the kidney must be properly observed. Try to reduce eating too much meat and protein intake. Creatinine come from the excessive meats that you eat , therefore when you  reduce meat it also tends to lower your creatinine levels therefore you are assured that this way will improve your kidney function. Having yourself the best kidney diet is absolutely an advantage and effective in lowering creatinine levels.
  • Avoid engaging in too much physical activity. This is an effective means of lowering creatinine levels. Since muscles is a source of creatinine, doing lots of activities that requires more physical strength and ability will result to a slight increase in the creatinine level. This may be manageable at first, but if individuals tend to do physical activities more often this will likely to cause a rapid increase in the creatinine level. So it is better to give yourself enough time to rest and relax.
  • In some serious case of high creatinine levels that leads to serious kidney failure, effective treatment that helps reduce creatinine level is a better option. Undesirable creatinine levels are caused by kidney’s failure to excrete excessive creatinine therefore taking the proper and effective treatment will result in healing kidney properly and helping it to recover and be finally back to its normal functioning.
  • Dialysis and transplants are effective ways of lowering creatinine levels and healing kidney failure on more serious case. These processes help in clearing harmful substances that may cause serious damages to the internal organs, such as the kidney. Some people who are suffering from serious kidney failure such as Chronis Kidney Disease may take Immunotherapy to lower their creatinine levels. Immunotherapy is medically termed as treatment of disease by enhancing, inducing or suppressing immune response.

Natural remedies can also be considered in Lowering Creatinine Levels! and healing kidney effectively also plays its role to improve kidney function the natural ways. These remedies are much easier, cheaper and can be simply practice that will help boost kidney function. Some of the most effective and natural remedy that helps to lower creatinine levels are as follows:

Have a Vegetarian Kidney Diet

Try to consume a plant-based diet because this surely helps in lowering creatinine levels on its own simple ways. Since meats from edible animals are great source of creatinine, eating green and leafy vegetables is a great idea. Healthy diet like this tends to reduce the dangerous risk of and factors of kidney disease as well as diabetes and hypertension.

Avoid Taking Creatinine Supplements

High doses of this creatinine supplements can cause kidney damage and eventually turns the major organ into serious and unhealthy state. This large-sized molecule can cause swelling of kidneys.

Drinking Nettle Leaf Tea

The tea provides natural remedy and helps improve kidney function by reducing the serum creatinine level of the body. The Nettle leaf acts a kidney tonic; its roots are also known to provide alternative remedy in curing prostate disorders for male.

Taking Alpha lipoic acid

This is a nutrient that provides the kidneys with the needed energy. It neutralizes toxins turning them into harmless state. This natural nutrient helps improve function of the kidney and also Lower Creatinine Levels!

Chitosan Supplementation

In some clinical studies, Chitosan supplementation reduce urea, cholesterol and creatinine levels in the blood, and ids in hemoglobin production that helps people suffering from kidney disorder to find relief.

You know the word Creatinine?

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function - Safeguard Your Kidneys From Further Damage – Introducing an All Natural Step-by-Step Program

You know the word Creatinine?

How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function

Renal failure (renal impairment) may be caused by disease or kidney disease. As well as other causes such as hemorrhage, heart failure, sepsis, including the use of certain medications. Normally, the kidneys have to excrete waste from the body, including drugs. Which will be processed two steps: glomerular filtration and tubular secretion, so when the patient with renal failure, resulting in the excretion and pharmacokinetics of other drugs the patients will be able to pass through the kidney (glomeruli) that. easily cultured from the blood, kidney (renal blood flow), especially those drugs that are soluble in water easily. When a malfunction of the glomerular filtration will result in changes in the serum of patients with renal includes a light metallic ribbon of the medication. Impaired renal function more than it affects the body. May affect the absorption process. Distribution and metabolism of some drugs can.

How to Lower Creatinine Level, Improve Kidney Function by Natural Step-by-Step Program

Measuring renal impairment.
Glomerular filtration rate and Creatinine clearance: normal renal function, expressed or measured in terms of rate of filtration through the kidneys (glomerular filtration rate, GFR), which represents the rate at which plasma is filtered through the kidneys. The rate of substance. (Not drawn to, or expulsion) was eliminated through the kidneys. In the measurement of renal function by the glomerular filtration rate can be something that can be detected up to the creatinine clearance, which is a value that reflects the glomerular filtration rate as well as creatinine (endogenous substance that is a component of muscle. ) is a substance that is absorbed and excreted in small amounts to. Therefore, it is used as a measure of the GFR, which is most appropriate for the amount of urine output and creatinine clearance in 24 hours in the calculation. However, the renal function or renal function of patients do not change quickly. The level. creatinine in the blood are measured to help in the determination of creatinine. Clearance using the Cockcroft and Gault formula.

creatinine clearance

The limitations of the methods above do not apply to children. Pregnant and those in catabollic state as well as in the case of the elderly and the muscle is reduced by the value of serum creatinine, decreased kidney function, but does not reflect the reality. In addition, the patients with renal function is unstable, such as acute renal failure, sepsis, dehydration, etc. These will make up the serum creatinine did not vary according to what the GFR, the variation of the creatinine clearance. so be careful with the conditions listed above.

The British National Formulary renal failure was defined by the level of GFR is divided into 3 stages.

1. Mild GFR 20-50 ml / min or approximate serum creatinine 150-300 micromol / litre.

2. Moderate GFR 10-20 ml / min or serum creatinine 300-700 micromol / litre.

3. Severe GFR <10 ml / min or serum creatinine> 700 micromol / litre.

When renal function is reduced. Step through the use of dialysis or transplant patients are classified as “end-stage renal failure” acute renal failure is a major change in drug kinetics in the elderly. And cause a reduction of dose in these patients. In general, when using the Cockcroft and Gault formula to estimate GFR are found in the elderly are often classified as “mild renal failure” as a minimum.

How to Lower Creatinine Level, Improve Kidney Function by Natural Step-by-Step Program

Question: I have enclosed the results of a recent blood test. As you can see, my creatinine is high 3.3. Could you please explain what creatinine is and what I can take to lower the values?

Answer: Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine, a substance found in muscles. A consistent amount of creatinine is formed daily and a consistent amount of it is excreted by the kidneys daily. So it makes an excellent gauge of how well kidneys function.

Normal creatinine levels differ somewhat from lab to lab, but levels less than 1.5 mg/dL (133 micromols/L) are at the upper range in any lab. A reading of 3.3 is higli in everyone’s book. There is nothing you can do to lower creatinine levels. In itself, high creatinine does no harm, but it sets off an alarm, warning that something is seriously amiss with the kidneys. In other words, your doctors have to search for the reason why your kidneys are not filtering creatinine normally. If they are not filtering creatinine, they are not cleansing the blood as they should.

Question: I had a series of blood tests done at my doctor’s office. The office sent me a copy of the laboratory report. Creatinine was circled because the value was high. What is creatinine? How do I get it down?

Answer: Creatinine comes from muscles, and a standard amount appears in the blood daily. It’s filtered into the urine by the kidneys. The level of creatinine is an indicator of how well the kidneys work. High levels indicate kidney problems.

You can’t do anything on your own to lower creatinine. You shouldn’t be left, at sea about your creatinine. Call the doctor back and speak to him or her. Find out if your level of creatinine indicates kidney trouble, and ask what’s planned for the next step. Something should be.


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How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function