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How to Lower Creatinine Levels?

How to Lower Creatinine Levels!

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in a muscle and is usually being produced fair and constant by the body but also dependent upon on muscle mass. It is the key component of healthy tissues of the muscles. Creatinine is being formed during muscle metabolism. After formation it is being filtered and removed from the body through the kidneys. Kidneys are major organs that perform important functions. Since creatinine is constantly produced in the body any increase in the level of this substance might be indicating kidney damage.

Creatinine levels are good indicators that tell if an individual is suffering from kidney failure. Creatinine level that is higher than 7.1 normally indicates kidney problems. The normal creatinine level must be lower than 1.4 and must be maintained in order to improve kidney function. But if in some case the creatinine level of an individual reaches above the normal rate, the possibility of healing the kidney through transplant and dialysis is a must.

There are some ways and tips on how to deal with high creatinine levels and kidney problems properly that will truly play significant roles in lowering the levels of creatinine in the body. Although, professional assistance form medical experts is often advised to be considered in order to engage in almost effective and safe ways on how to lower creatinine levels.

Ways on How to Lower Creatinine Levels! 

  • Reducing foods that may have a negative impact on the body specifically the kidney must be properly observed. Try to reduce eating too much meat and protein intake. Creatinine come from the excessive meats that you eat , therefore when you  reduce meat it also tends to lower your creatinine levels therefore you are assured that this way will improve your kidney function. Having yourself the best kidney diet is absolutely an advantage and effective in lowering creatinine levels.
  • Avoid engaging in too much physical activity. This is an effective means of lowering creatinine levels. Since muscles is a source of creatinine, doing lots of activities that requires more physical strength and ability will result to a slight increase in the creatinine level. This may be manageable at first, but if individuals tend to do physical activities more often this will likely to cause a rapid increase in the creatinine level. So it is better to give yourself enough time to rest and relax.
  • In some serious case of high creatinine levels that leads to serious kidney failure, effective treatment that helps reduce creatinine level is a better option. Undesirable creatinine levels are caused by kidney’s failure to excrete excessive creatinine therefore taking the proper and effective treatment will result in healing kidney properly and helping it to recover and be finally back to its normal functioning.
  • Dialysis and transplants are effective ways of lowering creatinine levels and healing kidney failure on more serious case. These processes help in clearing harmful substances that may cause serious damages to the internal organs, such as the kidney. Some people who are suffering from serious kidney failure such as Chronis Kidney Disease may take Immunotherapy to lower their creatinine levels. Immunotherapy is medically termed as treatment of disease by enhancing, inducing or suppressing immune response.

Natural remedies can also be considered in Lowering Creatinine Levels! and healing kidney effectively also plays its role to improve kidney function the natural ways. These remedies are much easier, cheaper and can be simply practice that will help boost kidney function. Some of the most effective and natural remedy that helps to lower creatinine levels are as follows:

Have a Vegetarian Kidney Diet

Try to consume a plant-based diet because this surely helps in lowering creatinine levels on its own simple ways. Since meats from edible animals are great source of creatinine, eating green and leafy vegetables is a great idea. Healthy diet like this tends to reduce the dangerous risk of and factors of kidney disease as well as diabetes and hypertension.

Avoid Taking Creatinine Supplements

High doses of this creatinine supplements can cause kidney damage and eventually turns the major organ into serious and unhealthy state. This large-sized molecule can cause swelling of kidneys.

Drinking Nettle Leaf Tea

The tea provides natural remedy and helps improve kidney function by reducing the serum creatinine level of the body. The Nettle leaf acts a kidney tonic; its roots are also known to provide alternative remedy in curing prostate disorders for male.

Taking Alpha lipoic acid

This is a nutrient that provides the kidneys with the needed energy. It neutralizes toxins turning them into harmless state. This natural nutrient helps improve function of the kidney and also Lower Creatinine Levels!

Chitosan Supplementation

In some clinical studies, Chitosan supplementation reduce urea, cholesterol and creatinine levels in the blood, and ids in hemoglobin production that helps people suffering from kidney disorder to find relief.

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How To Lower Creatinine Levels, Improve Kidney Function